Accountants in Cardiff Help Businesses to Progress

Cardiff has always been the business hub when it comes to trading and maritime industries here in Wales. Its location and history attest to this claim. Cardiff lies at the center of three river systems, the Taff, the Ely and the Rhymney and because of its strategic location, the initial residents here were able to control the movement of the rivers, thereby controlling trade.

The Romans in AD 55-60 saw this opportunity and built forts in Cardiff. A roman fort wall is the backdrop of the new Cardiff interpretation center which opened in 2008. Medieval castles are a testament to the strategic location of Cardiff as the castle built by Robert Fitzhammon starting in 1091 stands at the heart of the city. With the utilization of coal as a source of energy, Cardiff became the biggest coal exporting port in the world and at its peak, more than ten million tons of coal went through its port.

This situation led to the unique multi-cultural character of Cardiff as dockworkers, ship builders and sailors settled in the area. There are around 45 different nationalities with their respective communities found in Cardiff.

Cardiff as a business hub also attracted its auxiliary services. The rise of accountants in Cardiff is a testament to this. Accountants play a vital role in Cardiff as they help businesses become more efficient and effective, ensuring that they properly pay their taxes to the city on time, and pay the correct taxes.